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Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus

Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus is a 5x4 reel, 1024 ways slot with stunning new renaissance inspired artwork featuring the mighty Greek Gods Zeus, Hera, Persephone and Posiedon, with Pegusus rounding out the ensemble. Feature-wise, Upsizer is here, enabling players to upgrade their Free Spins by buying higher multipliers after trigging free spins.

The popular X UP is back with a game-changing twist. When two regular X UP scatters land, the symbols combine to strike the multiplier trail and increase your starting multiplier value when triggering Free Spins. Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus introduces a new blue X UP scatter symbol. When two of these new variants land and combine, they upgrade all multiplier trail levels top down, up to a 25x multiplier! In Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus, these Free Spins multipliers remain in place forever, meaning that the multiplier level you reach on the trail from these blue X UP scatters, will be synced to your account every time you open the game!

8 Free Spins are triggered by 3 or more scatters landing. The feature starts with the multipler level you reached on the trail in base game, with any scatters that land in the feature adding +2 spins and awarding additional tokens to further increase the multiplier.

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